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Oliver Award

Individuals and Organizations

Nominations will be accepted from both individuals and organizations.

Contact Information and Resume

For nominations of individuals, please include the nominee’s contact information, place of employment, his/her title and brief description of his/her roles and responsibilities within that organization. Self-nomination is accepted. If not a self-nomination, please include the contact information of the nominator. Please include the nominee’s resume that is no longer than three pages.
For nominations of organizations, please include the CEO or Chair’s contact information, a brief description of the organization’s mission and goals, impact on key stakeholders, major projects/initiatives, and overall highlights about the organization. Please limit the organization’s overview to three pages or less.


The nominee should demonstrate significant environmental leadership at locations) such as the Tom Ridge Environmental Center, Presque Isle State Park, Presque Isle Bay, and on the Pennsylvania Lake Erie shoreline. Please include specific examples of leadership, problem(s) being addressed, solutions and outcomes, evidence of the impact of the nominee’s work. Please include other key points you wish the selection panel Board to consider.

Letters of Reference

Please submit no more than three letters of reference from individuals who have worked with the nominee and can attest to the leadership of the individual or organization on the environmental issue and the overall impact of the work. Letters of reference should not exceed more than two pages per letter and at least one of the letters must be from an individual not an employee or contractor to the nominee’s organization.


The recipient is to receive a $1,000 honorarium to support the individual or organization’s scope of work or mission. Funds are to be spent within one year of receipt and highlights of the use of funds is to be provided to the Friends of TREC for publication purposes.


Nominee must be able to attend the October 10, 2014 Sunset Celebration to receive the award and provide brief acceptance remarks. The award recipient will also receive a total of four complementary tickets to the 2014 Sunset Celebration.
Nominee must be able to participate in marketing and media opportunities prior to the Sunset Celebration at and after the Sunset Celebration. Nominee will be receiving public recognition of his/her work and this award via various communication approaches (TV, radio, print, eNewletter, social networking and website).


Award recipient to be selected in early September, 2014 by the Friends of TREC Board and then notified shortly thereafter.

Submissions Deadline & Format

All submissions must be received by August 31, 2014 via e-mail. For submissions or any follow-up questions, please contact Bob Hersch at [email protected] 814-835-1384. There is a maximum of five pages, excluding the attached resume of the nominee or organization overview (no longer than a total of three pages) and letters of reference (no longer than a total of six pages). Overall for all documents, please no smaller than 10 font, Times New Roman, one-sided, 8 1/2 x 11″ pages and single spaced with l-inch margins.