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Naming Opportunties

For the individual or corporate sponsor who wants to give big and be recognized in a big way!

Large Format Theater – $500,000
Have your name on the marquee at the entrance to the Center


Tower – $250,000
Have your name on the marquee at the entrance to the Center


Native Garden – $100,000
Have your name or dedication displayed in the Garden


Research Labs – $50,000

  • Culture Lab
  • Instrument Room
  • Sample Preparation Lab
  • Microscopy Room/Lecture Room
  • Aquatic Lab/Aquarium Room
  • Wet & Dry Archival Storage Area


Educational Rooms – $50,000

  • 2 Regular Classrooms (room 108 and 110)


Exhibit Areas – $25,000

  • Foundation for Change (Glacial Movements)
  • Birds through Binoculars (Upstairs)
  • Home Sweet Home (Bird Houses)


Endowment Fund

We plan to establish and introduce this year the TR Next Generation Endowment Fund to establish an endowment fund of $10,000,000 in ten years.  This will be done by soliciting single and multi-year donations from individual and corporate sponsors.

The goal for the Endowment is to create a foundation of funds that will be able to sustain and fund environmental education programs for future generations.

If you are interested in learning more about how to give and participate in this Endowment Fund, please contact us or use the form below.  There are many ways to give and be part of the Friends of the Tom Ridge Environmental Center.  Become a legacy!


Contact the Friends today to learn more:


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